Prospects for the US and Global Economy through a post-election crystal ball

Both the US and EU have made unprecedented monetary and fiscal mechanisms available to cope with the shutdown of their economies between March to May and beyond. This cash will help stimulate the global economy as a whole, but money has to be paid back and the Western world will take on the latest debt […]

Portugal F1 Grand Prix final limited to 27,500 spectators

Although around 46,000 tickets for the Formula 1 Grand Prix final in Portimão were put on sale, the development of the Covid-19 pandemic in recent weeks means that this number is likely to be cut in half. The suggestion was made by the administrator of the Algarve International Autodrome, Paulo Pinheiro in an interview with […]

Developers follow investment but remain cautious

The impact of the pandemic on Portugal’s real estate market is still unclear, but has not paralysed the market. Real estate developers are retaining their intentions to invest, cautiously. The Belgian investor Krest Real Estate, for example, confirms that there are “many groups investing in a positive way in Portugal and long-term rental is one […]

Grace periods are not an indefinite fix-all warns Bank of Portugal

The Vice-Governor of the Bank of Portugal has warned that the country must start to think about an exit strategy from the periods of grace on credit loans and that the economic recovery will not be at the same rate for all sectors. Thousands of Portuguese companies and families have applied to the banks to […]

Altice Empresas
Spotlight on our new members!

Portugal’s largest telco and SI/TI provider, Altice Portugal is also the country’s biggest provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Shared Service Centres (SSC).

Altice’s fast-growing BPO/SSC division is now offering these services to the rest of Europe, and their first target market is the UK. To pursue this aim, Altice has joined the Chamber as Corporate members under our Starting in the UK programme, in order to develop its partnerships in the BPO and SSC space in this huge UK market. We are looking forward to working with the Altice team. Watch this space!
“I’m very happy with how it went, particularly given the short lead-in time and the sustained interest throughout the webinar, - it actually exceeded my expectations.” - 4th August 2020 Moving to Portugal Webinars
Geoffrey Graham
Senior Partner at Edge International
“The call with (a potential client) went really well, from my perspective. I am happy to learn that he felt the same. Many thanks for your efforts in arranging this. At a time when travel is restricted, this type of contact is much appreciated.” - August 2020
Hugo Rosa Ferreira
Partner, PLMJ
“I hope to do other events with the Chamber as you are very professional and the result is always highly positive” - Moving to Portugal Webinars 2020
Pedro Pereira
Marketing Director, UCI
I'll be back soon, given the good feedback I got from all the meetings and visits I made. No doubt the UK is a market that Mindol wants to bet on. - Starting in the UK 2019
Miguel Cunha
International Sales Manager, Mindol