Portugal’s economy slumps 16.3%

According to the EU’s statistical agency Eurostat, Portugal suffered the fourth largest economic slump in the European Union with a fall of 16.3% in GDP. However, normally more robust economies such as France, Spain and Italy were even harder hit than Portugal because of the pandemic according to Eurostat which states that Southern Europe was […]

Portugal overtakes Italy in bicycle production

Portugal was the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the European Union in 2019, overtaking the usual top contender, Italy. According to Eurostat, which made a comparison between the production of EU member states, around 2.7 million bicycles were produced in Portugal in 2019, overtaking Italy for the first time, which is normally Europe’s major producer […]

Farfetch revenues grow 74% to €308 million but losses quadruple

Luxury fashion online platform Farfetch, founded by Portuguese entrepreneur José Neves, saw its revenues increase by 74% to 30 June 2020, but the unicorn is still making a loss. According to the founder and CEO of the company which sells luxury brands all over the world, the last six months has been an “exceptional period” […]

Property investment down to €90 million in Q2

Investment in property in Portugal fell to €90 million in the second quarter of the year. This compares to the €1.4Bn in the first quarter and the disappointing results are as a direct consequence of the impact from Covid-19 according to consultants JLL. According to the company’s director of capital markets, Fernando Ferreira, the stark […]

Altice Empresas
Spotlight on our new members!

Portugal’s largest telco and SI/TI provider, Altice Portugal is also the country’s biggest provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Shared Service Centres (SSC).

Altice’s fast-growing BPO/SSC division is now offering these services to the rest of Europe, and their first target market is the UK. To pursue this aim, Altice has joined the Chamber as Corporate members under our Starting in the UK programme, in order to develop its partnerships in the BPO and SSC space in this huge UK market. We are looking forward to working with the Altice team. Watch this space!
“I’m very happy with how it went, particularly given the short lead-in time and the sustained interest throughout the webinar, - it actually exceeded my expectations.” - 4th August 2020 Moving to Portugal Webinars
Geoffrey Graham
Senior Partner at Edge International
“I hope to do other events with the Chamber as you are very professional and the result is always highly positive” - Moving to Portugal Webinars 2020
Pedro Pereira
Marketing Director, UCI
I'll be back soon, given the good feedback I got from all the meetings and visits I made. No doubt the UK is a market that Mindol wants to bet on. - Starting in the UK 2019
Miguel Cunha
International Sales Manager, Mindol
I want to say that last night’s network had such a great ambiance. I could tell from everyone I spoke to, they were having such a great time but also, networking (hoping successfully). Thanks to all of you for empowering the Chamber to help all of us progress in our business - Monthly Networking Drinks 2019
Jose Contreras
Partner, Saint Michel Consultancy