Novo Banco quits Spain after €450 million loss

Novo Banco has decided to pull out of Spain after six years of losses totalling €450 million. Novo Banco has decided to pull out of Spain after six years of losses totalling €450 million. António Ramalho has informed the 200 staff and also the union that the Spanish operation has been put up for sale. […]

Sonae defers shop rents by 50%

Sonae Sierra, the Portuguese multinational shopping centre developer and management company has frozen rent payments on shop units as shop traders face ruin. Sonae Sierra has decided to defer 50% of shop unit rents for three months in some but not all of its shopping centres. And companies such as Merlin and Mundicenter opted for […]

Brussels gives Portugal spending ‘carte blanche’

By NATASHA DONN Infrastructure  ||  Brussels has given Portugal the ‘carte blanche’ it needs to keep going through the pandemic – spending where it has to spend but not getting overly concerned with increasing public debt. Bearing in mind areas most dependent on tourism are the Algarve and autonomous regions of Madeira and Azores, […]

A day in the lockdown life of an Algarve property agent

The Covid-19 crisis has not been easy on Algarve estate agents who pride themselves on the personal touch when dealing with clients. Kerstin Buechner Director of QP Savills and her team put their creative thinking skills into action and rose to the challenge beautifully. We all watched its slow approach from the other side of […]

Boavista Golf and Spa
Spotlight on our Patron members!

Boavista Golf Resort opened in January 2002 and quickly became established as one of the Western Algarve’s premier resorts. With an exceptional 18-hole championship course it is one of the Algarve’s most beautifully manicured courses, bordered by properties all designed to harmonize with the land’s natural contours.
“I hope to do other events with the Chamber as you are very professional and the result is always highly positive” - Moving to Portugal Webinars 2020
Pedro Pereira
Marketing Director, UCI
I'll be back soon, given the good feedback I got from all the meetings and visits I made. No doubt the UK is a market that Mindol wants to bet on. - Starting in the UK 2019
Miguel Cunha
International Sales Manager, Mindol
It was indeed an excellent opportunity to socialise and network. So many interesting people – including the selected speakers.
Congratulations for the excellent organisation and elegant choice of venue. - London Gala Dinner 2019
Ramiro Salgado
Partner at ReB Solutions
I want to say that last night’s network had such a great ambiance. I could tell from everyone I spoke to, they were having such a great time but also, networking (hoping successfully). Thanks to all of you for empowering the Chamber to help all of us progress in our business - Monthly Networking Drinks 2019
Jose Contreras
Partner, Saint Michel Consultancy