by Namrata Majithia 14th September 2020
Even if a deal is agreed, huge changes are coming from 1st January 2021

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by Namrata Majithia 10th September 2020
The Chamber team is back in the office after a few precious days on the ground in Portugal...

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London, 13 August 2020 
As the UK endures an unprecedented 10-day heatwave, with temperatures over 34 degrees in much of the country, the holiday season is well under way here.
We will be closing the Chamber for a few days holiday, and we return on 2nd September.
On our return we will be releasing our autumn schedule of webinars and other online events, which are an increasingly important part of our services to members.
Prime Minister Antonio Costa’s government has launched a plan aimed at boosting its export sector to alleviate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, with a goal of increasing Portugal’s exports to 53% of gross domestic product by 2030, up  from 44% in 2019.
by Namrata Majithia 24th July 2020
As the Brexit negotiations reach an impasse, Chamber members Blevins Franks have produced an excellent 30 minute video explaining the main areas of disagreement and how they might be resolved, with special emphasis on residency, tax and pensions moving between borders.
As reported by Natasha Donn in the Portugal Resident newspaper, Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa returned from the marathon negotiations in Brussels this week waving the promise of €45.1 billion in much-needed post-coronavirus recovery funding for the country.

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by Namrata Majithia 17th July 2020
17 July 2020
Our General Manager, Christina Hippisley, recently joined Dylan Herholdt of Chamber members Portugal Realty as a guest on his popular podcast called Portugal: The Simple Life.  
London, 10th July

London’s Daily Telegraph newspaper carries an interesting article from Manuel Lobo Antunes, the Ambassador of Portugal in the UK, on the science behind Portugal’s current handling of the pandemic.
We are a day later than usual, since yesterday saw some big announcements here in London which took some time to analyse.

In addition, the recent exclusion of the Portuguese mainland from the UK’s newly issued travel list of ‘green’ and ‘amber’ countries has caused consternation in both the UK and Portugal. The Chamber, which is also the secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Portugal in the British Parliament, is working closely with the MPs in the group
The recent exclusion of the Portuguese mainland from the UK’s newly issued travel list of ‘green’ and ‘amber’ countries has caused consternation in the Portuguese government.
Germany, Portugal, and Slovenia are to  hold the presidency of the European Council in succession starting  from July 1, 2020, through to December 31, 2021.  The three countries will  have a joint programme.
While the Covid-19 crisis has raged in the UK, there has been little time to focus on Britain's future relationship with the European Union. 

However, the issue is now becoming overwhelmingly urgent in London and Brussells once again.  This week, we bring you a special newsletter summarizing the view of Brexit from this side of the Channel and what will happen in negotiations over the summer.
As the easing of lockdown continues and the pace of work picks up here in the UK, we will be changing the frequency of this newsletter from once a week to every two weeks from now on.
As the easing of lockdown continues, friends and families are meeting again and picnics outside are becoming the norm.  The corona virus continues to dominate the news here, but Brexit, the Chinese threat in Hong Kong and the ongoing racial violence in the USA are also at the top of the news agenda now.
It’s a short week here in the UK this week, with a public holiday on Monday and many people booking days off for the rest of the week. Plus (for a change) the weather is hot and sunny, and the lockdown is easing. Our spirits are slowly lifting as the British summer arrives in earnest. Here is our weekly update about the current situation here in the UK, in political economic and social terms.
As  the slow relaxation of the lockdown - which has been in place since March 23rd- continues,, here is our weekly update about the current corona virus situation here in the UK, in political economic and social terms.
As we embrace the early stages of the relaxation of the lockdown, which has been in place since March 23rd, here is our weekly update about the current corona virus situation here in the UK, in political economic and social terms.
Many of our Chamber members and potential members are businesses in Portugal which export goods or services to the UK market. To help them and anyone else interested in the UK market, our newsletters will now contain regular updates about the current corona virus situation here in the UK, in political, economic and social terms, plus a round up of other relevant data.
by Namrata Majithia 23rd April 2020
Chamber members EDGE International Lawyers have now created a dedicated website giving pragmatic updates about Portugal’s Covid-19 response and how legal and practical matters can continue in the meantime.

by Namrata Majithia 9th April 2020
Due to the corona crisis, we have suspended our usual programme of live networking and business events in the UK and Portugal until further notice. We are now working remotely and are here to help at any time – please email

by Namrata Majithia 9th April 2020
Due to the corona crisis, on March 18th 2020, the Portuguese government introduced a State of Emergency which has impacted many aspects of legal contracts in Portugal.

by Namrata Majithia 30th January 2020
British Tourists, visitors and residents can continue to enjoy freedom of movement, travel, access to healthcare and recognising driving licenses in Portugal, as normal, until the end of the transition period, foreseen to be the 31st of December 2020
by Namrata Majithia 24th January 2020
In tune with the new decade, our institutional partners AICEP Portugal Global, Portugal’s investment agency, have just released a new video on the best of Portugal, with an emphasis on the talent available in the country.
Portugal IN is a task force created by the Portuguese Government, in the wake of the Brexit referendum, to further attract foreign direct investment (FDI) to the country, responding directly to the Prime Minister. Portugal In is specialised in supporting the expansion process to Portugal of companies operating in the UK and its main inward FDI markets (USA, China, India and Japan).
by Mafalda Gamelas 26th June 2019
The majority of Portuguese SMEs expect and plan to up their revenues by increasing their international activity in 2019.
by Namrata Majithia 23rd May 2019
After 6 successful events, the demand is still high!
Everything you need to know to prepare for a new life in the tranquility, beauty and warmth of Europe’s most westerly country.
All that’s left is to pack your suitcase.
The Portuguese are coming!  In response to popular demand from Irish property buyers, the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce is bringing its Moving to Portugal Show and Seminars to Dublin on 15th May 2019.
by Namrata Majithia 5th March 2019
“To reach a port, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it—but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.” We need to steer the boat, not drift! - Christine Lagarde
As the subject of the meeting was ‘Brexit’, the main points made by Augusto Santos Silva were:
Invest Africa is the leading pan-African business platform that promotes trade and investment in Africa. Invest Africa will be taking a high-level investor delegation to Angola from 19th-21st February 2019.
by Namrata Majithia 15th October 2018
Tasting session of Esporão olive oil at London’s top gourmet food store Fortnum and Mason!
by Namrata Majithia 5th February 2018
Is your company GDPR ready?
by Namrata Majithia 1st January 2018
Are you selling products or services to a Portuguese company and they are asking you to fill out the Mod 21-RFI before they can pay you the full amount they owe you?