New Lisbon airport vital now

Lisbon’s mayor Carlos Moedas has called upon the government to move now with the construction of a new international airport for the city. In 2019 the existing Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport near Portela had already reached overcapacity in what had been one of Portugal’s busiest years in tourism numbers with 24.6 million (10.5 million for […]

Government regulates condo management companies

The Portuguese government is putting the finishing touches to a new law which will regulate companies that manage condominiums. The goal is to demand and ensure legal guarantees on professional honesty and integrity and make management companies responsible for undertaking the contract agreements with owners and tenants according to the terms of the management contract. […]

Russian imports cost 45% more

Portugal paid 45% more for Russian imports in March 2022 – mostly fuels — compared to the same period in 2019. The main reason was an increase in prices, but the figures from Portugal’s National Statistics Institute also reveal that Portugal also bought a greater quantity of Russian goods in the first month of the […]

Portugal’s total debt falls to 359.96% of GDP

Portugal’s total debt, meaning both public and private sectors, but excluding the banking system, rose to €782.5Bn in March – an increase of €5.1Bn on February, according to data published by the Bank of Portugal on Thursday. However the ratio fell to 359.96% of GDP in the first quarter of 2022, the lowest value since […]

The Sovereign Group
Spotlight on The 2022 Sovereign Portuguese Art Prize!

The Sovereign Portuguese Art Prize aims to benefit artists living in Portugal or of the Portuguese diaspora by putting them on a world stage, whilst raising funds for disadvantaged children using expressive arts as a means of education, communication and engagement in Portugal.

This initiative is promoted by our Chamber Corporate member the Sovereign Group, and the award is set to be the biggest annual art prize in Portugal.
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