Portugal’s extreme right and independent left gain ground in elections

Despite Portugal’s sitting president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa winning a comfortable majority in Sunday’s presidential elections, both the extreme right and independent left gained ground in Portugal’s electoral landscape on anti-corruption tickets. As expected, university academic and constitutional law expert Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has been reelected for a second term in office with 60.70% […]

Will Portugal’s residential real estate market continue to weather Covid-19?

The Portuguese real estate market performed better than expected in 2020 according to Imovirtual. The big question for 2021, however, is whether the Portuguese housing market will continue to thrive. The reasons that foreign buyers are attracted to Portuguese property, such as great climate, a low cost of living, a rich culture and low levels […]

Portuguese shoe sector launches promo campaign

The Portuguese shoe industry has launched an ambitious marketing campaign after a year which saw shoe sales fall both at home and abroad. Portuguese international shoe exports enjoyed a spectacular decade with an accumulated increase of 50% but has over the past three years begun to lose altitude with overseas sales down 5.7% by 2020 […]

Office take-up falls in Lisbon and Porto in Q4

Take-up in the office market in Portugal’s two main cities, Porto and Lisbon, fell in the last quarter of 2020. In Lisbon take-up was 27% down than in 2019. In Porto the fall was 17% compared to the previous year, reports Diário Imobiliário. According to the Office Flashpoint report from real estate consultants JLL, the […]

Spotlight on our new members!

Ascendi manages infrastructure assets and provides toll collection and operation & maintenance services. Ascendi is a leader in its own market with majority interests in 6 Portuguese road concessions and an integrated management approach.

Their mission is to promote efficiency, innovation and sustainability in the operation and maintenance of road mobility infrastructures ensuring convenience for customers while creating value for their shareholders.
“I’m very happy with how it went, particularly given the short lead-in time and the sustained interest throughout the webinar, - it actually exceeded my expectations.” - 4th August 2020 Moving to Portugal Webinars
Geoffrey Graham
Senior Partner at Edge International
“The call with (a potential client) went really well, from my perspective. I am happy to learn that he felt the same. Many thanks for your efforts in arranging this. At a time when travel is restricted, this type of contact is much appreciated.” - August 2020
Hugo Rosa Ferreira
Partner, PLMJ
“I hope to do other events with the Chamber as you are very professional and the result is always highly positive” - Moving to Portugal Webinars 2020
Pedro Pereira
Marketing Director, UCI
“Thank you Christina for the opportunity to speak, I thought it went really well” - Moving to Portugal Webinars 21 October 2020
Miguel Palmeiro
Head of Sales, Vilamoura World