What do overseas home buyers want in Portugal?

Amenities, high-speed internet access and a good view top the wish list for people buying in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, says Savills in its latest research on home buying trends in the four countries. Jelena Cvjetkovic, director, Savills Global Residential, said, “The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about changes to the way people live and […]

Economy will take one year to recover

Portuguese companies think that economic recovery will take more than a year. Around 41% of Portuguese entrepreneurs believe it will take over a year for their companies to recover to business levels that they had before the pandemic, even if the economic indicators for Portugal are favourable. This was according to a study carried out […]

Former BPP boss sentenced for ‘cooking books’ publishes memoir

The former president of BPP, a private bank which specialised in managing fortunes, has launched a book in a bid to clean his tarnished reputation in the banking sector. João Rendeiro was sentenced to a prison sentence over concealing facts to do with part of €700 million allegedly owed to creditors 10 years after the […]

Biden’s massive new deal: who is going to pick up the tab?

The President of the American Club of Lisbon and author of ‘RENDEZ-VOUS WITH AMERICA, An Explanation of the US Election System’ Patrick Siegler-Lathrop gave an insightful talk last week on President Biden’s new deal for the United States economy which was also heard by members of the Harvard Club Portugal and the Rotary International Club […]

Blevins Franks
Spotlight on our Corporate member Blevins Franks!

Blevins is a leading international tax and wealth management advisers to UK nationals living in and moving to Europe. Over forty years´ experience providing specialist, professional tax and financial advice to private clients throughout Portugal, France, Spain, Cyprus, Malta and the UK.

Expertise covers cross-border tax, estate planning, pensions and investment management to offer a genuinely holistic approach to financial planning. With two local offices in Portugal, Blevins Franks also offers guidance on beneficial tax structures through a specialist tax advisory service based in London.
“I’m very happy with how it went, particularly given the short lead-in time and the sustained interest throughout the webinar, - it actually exceeded my expectations.” - 4th August 2020 Moving to Portugal Webinars
Geoffrey Graham
Senior Partner at Edge International
“The call with (a potential client) went really well, from my perspective. I am happy to learn that he felt the same. Many thanks for your efforts in arranging this. At a time when travel is restricted, this type of contact is much appreciated.” - August 2020
Hugo Rosa Ferreira
Partner, PLMJ
“I hope to do other events with the Chamber as you are very professional and the result is always highly positive” - Moving to Portugal Webinars 2020
Pedro Pereira
Marketing Director, UCI
“Thank you Christina for the opportunity to speak, I thought it went really well” - Moving to Portugal Webinars 21 October 2020
Miguel Palmeiro
Head of Sales, Vilamoura World