Will Britain return to Europe?

This week – the most tumultuous week in Britain’s political history arguably since Margaret Thatcher left office in 1990 – the leader of Her Majesty’s opposition, Sir Keir Starmer expressed the view that if the Labour Party won power, Britain would not rejoin the European Union customs union or single market. It was an opinion […]

Authorisation for Efacec sale could drag on for months

The negotiations with Brussels for a formal authorisation to sell electrical and transport engineering systems company Efacec could drag on for months. This is because technocrats in Brussels at DGComp (Directorate-General of Competition of the European Union) think that the financing awarded to Efacec as part of the private sale deal has not been carried […]

Portuguese cybersecurity market worth €165 million

Portugal’s cybersecurity market is worth around €165 million, but compared to the rest of Europe is just small change. This is according to data collected by the consultants IDC and Gatner and highlighted in the first report on the cybersecurity economy in Portugal from the National Cybersecurity Centre’s Observatory of Cybersecurity (CNCS). Nevertheless, Portugal occupies […]

Capgemini opens R&D lab in Gaia

Gapgemini, the technology outsourcing consultancy has strengthened its presence in Portugal by opening its Mobility Lab in Gaia. The research and development lab will focus on cutting-edge technologies for sustainable and intelligent mobility technologies which will permit more than 700 new jobs to be created. In a communiqué sent to the newspaper Negócios, the company […]

The Sovereign Group
Spotlight on The 2022 Sovereign Portuguese Art Prize!

The Sovereign Portuguese Art Prize aims to benefit artists living in Portugal or of the Portuguese diaspora by putting them on a world stage, whilst raising funds for disadvantaged children using expressive arts as a means of education, communication and engagement in Portugal.

This initiative is promoted by our Chamber Corporate member the Sovereign Group, and the award is set to be the biggest annual art prize in Portugal.
"An excellent investment of my time in your very helpful online seminar (10th February 22 Webinar – Portugal Golden Visas: What has changed since 1 January?) I will follow up for my own very recent purchase, and interest in the Golden Visa."
R. C.
“Great venue, drinks, eats and people (Abode 2/Chamber Gallery Networking Reception 2nd Dec 2021) . Lots of good Portuguese contacts and interesting people to talk to."
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“Great event (24th Nov 21, Madeira Free Trade Zone Business Networking Reception) and I met a number of interesting guests.”
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