15th July 2022
Trade Mission to Portugal for British Buyers of Textiles
15th July 2022

This exploratory trade mission will take place in the north of Portugal between 12th to 14th October 2022.

Deadline to sign up to the trade mission: Friday, 15th July 2022


In today’s world where consumers have a conscience about the source of the products they acquire, the relative proximity of Portugal to the UK market scores a big positive.

Having benefited from generous EU subsidies, Portuguese producers and manufacturers are equipped with the most modern technologies enabling them to compete with further flung countries.

This has been evidenced by the recent surge of exports to savvy buyers throughout the continent.


As skyrocketing transport costs are often uppermost in the minds of importers and CP26 highlighted the importance of reducing distances from production to consumption, Portugal has proven to be an interesting option for carbon footprint conscious buyers.


Portugal’s ability to reinvent themselves and create new products and new production techniques makes Portugal an outstanding source!

Many products have gained momentum in the post-pandemic period, and the strong performance of the textile sector is particularly noticeable in international trade.


Under our partnership with the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, we promote the upcoming inward trade mission on the textile sector, to match worthy buyers in the UK with compatible manufacturers in Portugal.


To participate on this trade mission, please fill in this form and email it to the BPCC team.

You can consult the programme and conditions for this trade mission by clicking here.


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