Online (Zoom)
2nd March 2023
WEBINAR: Introducing Portugal’s investment landscape
Online (Zoom)
2nd March 2023

Interested in knowing more about Portugal’s landscape for investment?

Register for this 30-minute Q & A session between the Chamber’s General Manager Christina Hippisley and Chamber members Nuno da Rocha Correia from Bison Bank and Pedro Correia da Silva from ActiveCap – Capital Partners to discover more about the potential of investing in Portugal and its private equity options.

We will discuss topics such as:

  • Portugal’s current macroeconomic outlook
  • Why invest in Portugal rather than other European countries?
  • What’s the prognosis for impact investing in Portugal?
  • Is it attractive to invest in Portuguese SMEs? How is that possible via private equity?
  • Which industry sectors offer on-trend, sustainable, growing SMEs?
  • Q&A session between the presenters and the audience

You can access the recording and the presentation of this webinar.


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