15th March 2024
Portugal’s Recent General Election Fuels Fresh Interest from British Buyers

The most recent Moving to Portugal Show, held on 14th March 2024 in Central London, saw an exceptional turnout of visitors and high levels of engagement from visitors eagerly seeking information on how best to relocate to Portugal, against the backdrop of the recent Portuguese General Election and the potential changes ahead.


In order to meet the needs of the 250+ attendees wanting information about post-election Portugal, the show’s seminar programme provided invaluable insights into various aspects of relocating to Portugal.


Visitor statistics reveal that each Moving To Portugal Show attracts a new audience, with over 70% of attendees at the recent show attending for the first time.  Nearly 40% of attendees were planning to move to Portugal in less than one year, and there was strong demand for the latest updates on visa and residency regulations.  Visitors also wanted to understand the details of moving to Portugal, including employment opportunities, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and the cost of living. In 2024, Londoners also have larger budgetsthan those outside the M25, with around 10% of attendees looking to spend over one million pounds on a property in Portugal.


The Show also discussed investment opportunities in Portugal, with expert insights from the managers of some of Portugal’s top investment funds explaining their investment strategies and the new eligibility criteria for Portugal’s ‘residency by investment’ Golden Visa programme.


As another example of how the Show is adapting in line with its changing visitor profile,  ‘Visit Cascais’, the agency that promotes the Cascais region near Lisbon as the ideal place in which to work, live and invest,  had a dedicated area at the Show and took part in a discussion panel on ‘Living, Working and Investing in the Year-Round Sunshine Lifestyle’.


Additionally, the Show welcomed 13 other exhibitors, 6 of them present for the first time, offering many other insights into the benefits of living in Portugal, further accentuating the country’s appeal to potential expatriates.


Recognising the ever-increasing interest in Portugal among both UK and Ireland residents, the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce will also be taking the Moving to Portugal Show to Dublin on the 18th of April 2024. Registrations for this event are now open, offering Irish residents the chance to explore the possibilities and advantages of making Portugal their new home.


Commenting on the success of the March Show in London, the General Manager of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, Christina Hippisley said, “We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to our recent Moving to Portugal show in Central London. It was a great chance for individuals to get guidance on relocating to Portugal, and we had visitors coming from as far away as Manchester and Taunton to see us. High levels of early registrations for our next Show in Dublin on 18th April 2024 at the Herbert Park Hotel also indicate that there are lots of Irish residents actively considering moving to Portugal for lifestyle or leisure reasons.”


For more information about the Moving to Portugal Show and to register for the Dublin Show on 18th April 2024 , please visit www.movingtoportugal.org.uk