by Namrata Majithia 13th August 2021
Portuguese Chamber announces the launch of its new programme The Investors’ Circle

Are you a UK business owner interested in investing in a business similar to your own in Portugal? Are you a UK passport holder who is keen to create an EU presence for your business now the UK is no longer part of Europe? Are you a UK buy-side advisor for UK SME’s who are interested in investing in existing businesses in Portugal?

In response to rising enquiries post Brexit, the Chamber has created the Investors’ Circle, which introduces business owners from the UK (or their advisors) to off-market opportunities in Portugal in their chosen business sectors.

The business relationship between the UK and Portugal is evolving fast post-Brexit. The Investors’ Circle introduces British investors to established Portuguese SMEs and fast growing companies who may be seeking an industry sale, fresh capital, new shareholders, a succession plan for family-owned businesses, or strategic alliances with British firms. These are off-market opportunities and of a highly confidential nature.

These Portuguese companies come from a wide variety of sectors, among them precision engineering, textiles, wine and food, manufacturing, furniture and home wares, and IT and fin tech, to name just a few.  (Please note that the Investors’ Circle does not currently cover real estate businesses). Typically, these SMEs will have a turnover of Euros 1-5 million, although many will be larger.


Over 4,000 Portuguese companies export to the UK annually – it is the country’s fourth biggest export market after Spain, France and Germany. Over 200 Portuguese companies export more than 50% of their production to the UK, meaning there is already a strong tradition of cross investment between the two countries.

The post Covid recovery process will see some Portuguese companies open to the idea of seeking outside investment. Similarly, the post Brexit process is leading many UK entrepreneurs to consider creating a European base for their businesses to bypass bureaucratic Brexit delays.

For UK business people, Portugal offers an attractive European base, due to its benevolent tax regime for individuals and companies, an excellent local workforce,  a wide range of international schools and universities and a very appealing lifestyle.

About the Investors Circle

In Portugal, the Chamber has access to several senior business contacts in the country’s leading banks, trade associations and business consultancies, many of whom are advising Portuguese business owners on how to attract new investors. A limited number of these contacts have been invited to join the Investors Circle, membership of which is by invitation only.

In the UK, the Chamber is assembling a database of British buy-side brokers, private equity investors and individual business owners who are looking to invest into fast growing Portuguese businesses or well-established private businesses that are restructuring.

This exclusive Investors’ Circle, under the direction of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK, is where private UK investors can access potential (non real estate) business investments in their chosen sector(s) in Portugal, via tailored introductions to the right people.

Interested in joining the Investors’ Circle?

If you are a Portuguese advisory business and would like to join the Investors’ Circle, or if you are a British business investor or buy-side broker looking for off market opportunities in Portugal and would like to learn more,  in the first instance please send an email to Christina Hippisley, the Chamber’s General Manager at

For more general information or to be added to our Investors’ Circle database, please email