by Carolina Maia 14th February 2023
The key trends behind Britons’ plans to move to Portugal

New figures released by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK have revealed detailed insights into Britons’ plans to move to Portugal. Gathered through a survey of nearly 1,000 attendees at the most recent Moving to Portugal Shows and Seminars the data show that 33.6% of those attending the show planned to move to Portugal within 12 months, while 36.4% were working to a timescale of 12-24 months. The final 22.7% were two or more years away from their planned move. Interestingly, the speed at which people are seeking to make their move has increased since the pandemic, with families keen to relocated and start their new life in the sun as swiftly as possible.


“We have seen over many years of delivering Moving to Portugal shows just how much planning and forethought goes into relocating from the UK to Portugal. Our attendees are making long-term plans for a better life in the sunshine and want to build up a detailed understanding of that new life before they commit to move.”


Christina Hippisley, General Manager of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK


In budgetary terms, a sizeable group of attendees – some 27.79% – had their sights set on properties costing more than €500,000, which would mean Golden Visa eligibility for those buying outside of coastal areas and major cities. The Moving to Portugal Show team has seen budgets increase notably since the pandemic.


Britons now have multiple routes into Portugal, with not just the Golden Visa available but also the new Digital Nomad Visa, which requires a monthly gross salary of €2,820 and can serve as the starting point of a roadmap to eventual residency.


The Moving to Portugal Show data also highlighted the draw of both Greater Lisbon and the Algarve, which far outranked other areas of Portugal when it came to Britons’ desired locations. Attendees were able to express interest in multiple areas of Portugal, resulting in 56.08% expressing interest in life in Greater Lisbon and 54.04% in the Algarve. Other areas of interest were Porto and Northern Portugal (28.43%), Central Portugal (21.79%), the Alentejo (13.83%) and Madeira and The Azores (6.31%).


Attendees also shared their reasons for attending the Moving to Portugal Show. This revealed the breadth of research that families were undertaking as part of their emigration plans. Key topics of interest included visas and residency, house prices, mortgages, properties for sale, tax and pensions, legal matters, the moving process, setting up a business in Portugal, investment opportunities and currency exchange.


Information on all of these topics and more will be available at the next Moving to Portugal Show and Seminars, which will take place at London’s Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel on 23rd March 2023. Running from 11 am to 9 pm, the show will allow delegates to talk to those working in the Portuguese real estate industry about the latest buying trends and opportunities and obtain practical advice on tax, pensions, visas, mortgages, schools, working from home and other day-to-day lifestyle issues. A mix of live seminar presentations and panel discussions will pair with a carefully curated selection of exhibitors to deliver all the information that families need when planning a move to Portugal.