by Namrata Majithia 12th November 2020
Welcome to newest Corporate members Ascendi, who are now entering the UK market

Ascendi is a leading player in the road infrastructure market in Portugal, where they  manage six concessions over 600 kilometres of motorway,

Their particular expertise lies  in electronic toll collection, otherwise known as multi lane free flow, where tolls are collected automatically by direct debit from gantries installed over motorways.

In Portugal Ascendi collects 180M motorway tolls a year, on behalf of the Portuguese government.

Ascendi are now expanding into the UK, their first target market outside Portugal.

The USPs of Ascendi are offering mobility on the motorways and in cities, managing congestion and traffic, and controlling Co2 emissions to help the environment. They want to be known above all for offering convenience, safety, and mobility.

The Chamber will be working with Ascendi on raising awareness of their business in the UK and also advising them on the practical issues of doing business in this competitive post-Brexit market.

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