by Namrata Majithia 19th July 2019
Mindol – A Success Story of Starting in the UK

At the beginning of 2019, the Portuguese Chamber launched a new project called “Starting in the U.K.“. One of the first companies taking part in this programme was Mindol, a great success story so far. Mindol’s sales Director Miguel Cunha, approached the Chamber interested in building partnerships with retailers in the UK who wish to expand their product range.

Mindol, now a Corporate Member of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK, is Portugal’s leading producer and supplier of luxury mattresses. They produce world class sleep systems such as mattresses, bed sheets and bed bases.

The first question we needed to do understand is how could we differentiate Mindol from the other companies already in the same sector in the UK?

Mindol has a specific brand – the Primacy brand – which produces only luxury mattresses that match precisely the UK market leaders in terms of quality. Also, they are in a leading position in Portugal, where production costs are lower, and the products combine top quality with a factory price that offers excellent margins for retailers.

This allowed the Chamber to set up a series of meetings with potential agents and distributors who Mindol will be meeting on their next trip to UK when they attend the Manchester Furniture show. We are also introducing Mindol to other Chamber members who have relevant experience in this sector of the UK market and who can offer advice.

What helped Mindol achieving success was the fact that they already have experience exporting to key international markets and their only aim was to increase the export sales to UK customers. Also very helpful was the fact that the international sales team speak fluent English.

The Chamber continues to work very closely with them and was delighted to receive the prize for UK International Partners at the XIII Gala Premio Mobis in Porto, Portugal.

Any other companies wishing to take part in the Chamber’s SUK programme should contact