by Namrata Majithia 24th July 2020
How British companies can get a foothold in Europe after Brexit

The latest numbers from Portugal’s Statistics Institute show that over 34,000 British nationals are already officially living and working in Portugal, with thousands more companies and individuals planning their move there imminently due to Brexit and Covid-19.  The British are Portugal’s single biggest foreign community (after those from Brazil, Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau, all Portuguese-speaking countries.)

Why? Because Portugal offers Europe’s best combination of an attractive tax regime for companies and individuals, an educated workforce and a great quality of life outside work, with space, sea, sunshine and fresh air.

The Portuguese Chamber can tell you all you need to know about moving to  Portugal to live and work.  We run regular webinars and live events in the UK on all aspects of investing, working and living in Portugal.

Our Chamber is also a leading member of the RCCP, the network of Portuguese Chambers of Commerce outside Portugal.  The HQ of our network is in Lisbon, at the CCIP (the Chamber of Commerce of Portuguese Industry) and is run by our friend and colleague Pedro Magalhaes and his team.


We are now working closely with CCIP to urge British companies to consider Portugal as their next business outpost, since it offers an excellent way to keep a foothold in the EU after Brexit, given its highly educated workforce, attractive tax regime and excellent quality of life.

CCIP has just launched a dedicated programme, called “Portugal – your next business target”, which helps British companies meet potential importers, distributors, suppliers or other business contacts in Portugal.  They can set up face to face meetings, or virtual meetings, with the right people that your business should meet.

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