by Namrata Majithia 5th May 2020
The Chamber is a Supporter of NHR Compassion to help increase cash donations to Portugal’s Banco Alimentar.

Associação NHR Compassion Portugal is a newly created Portuguese non-profit organization, supported by the Chamber.

Since 2012 Portugal has created substantial incentives to encourage Non-Habitual Residents (NHRs) from the rest of Europe to come and live in Portugal.

Now approx. 35,000 NHRs are living in Portugal and contributing significantly to the economic life of the country.
Many of these new NHR residents are French, British, Italian, Brazilian and Swedish.

This new association gives Portugal’s NHRs the chance to give back to their host country by supporting those in Portuguese society who most need help during the covid-19 emergency.

NHR Compassion Portugal is partnering with their chosen charity Banco Alimentar, in order to deliver results quickly and efficiently at this unique and critical moment.

There are 21 food banks (Bancos Alimentares) in Portugal (including in Acores and Madeira) – and cash donations made via NHR Compassion will help all of them, by allowing them to buy more food for the needy.

If you would like to donate money directly to the Bancos Alimentares, please click here